LIKO, a hinge specialist and direct manufacturer for doors and windows hardware in China, are proud to own factories areas of over 30,000 m2, and headquarter building of over 2000 m2. LIKO’ s production capacity reaches 1,200,000 pieces of door hinges and 100,000 sets of door handles on an average monthly basis.

With the help of WeldCap technology, the endcap can be welded on the hinge steadily, invisibly and being hold securely, thus, the falling off problem due to being operated for long period could then be solved.

Dual-force system is specially designed for heavy duty usage. The system has been tested in accordance with the specification of EN1906 and was classified in the highest category - Grade 4 - for high frequency use, cycle tested for 200,000 times. It has also been fire tested for 120min which suitable to use in any kind of household and commercial door solution.